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Go See SINNEAD At The MAC This Week!!

June 14, 2017 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

It’s no secret that we flipping LOVE Pony Panto, I mean we reviewed it so much we had to stop. Plus we’ve seen a bunch of the other Pony Dance stuff and never ever ever been disappointed.

It’s also no secret that the absolute highlight every single year has been the blazing torrent of charisma that is Ireland’s own SINNEAD.  So we squealed with delight and checked ourselves for wee when we heard that she had been given her own show, I mean it was only a mater of time but still – SUPER EXCITED.  So it’s all going down this weekend where you can see SINNEAD: ONE NIGHT ONLY…(for two nights) at The MAC.  We’ll be there to check out the big event, and maybe get her to burn us a CD of her latest hit.

Tix and all the info is right here. It’s listed as a ‘Special Event’ never has the tag been so apt! 

If you’ve ever been to pony panto at the MAC, then you’ll remember the truly stand-out act ‘Sinnead’. With the body of Britney, the soul of Bob, the ego of Bono and the voice of Beyoncé, Sinnead presents the arena show tour that everyone might just have been waiting for.

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