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Octogeek – Bumper Santa Sack, Rick and Morty, Inhumans

July 5, 2017 Paul Caldwell 0 Comments

Last week I was on my holiwobbles so this week I’ve got 6 treats in my Santa Sack rather than 3! Why am I mentioning Santa in July? Read on readers and you might just read something that explains why! Read!


Death Note

Netflix has a new live action version of the Manga ‘Death Note’. It looks amazing, maybe someday they’ll make an Asian version*. Willem Dafoe is playing the death God, Ryuk and looks like a pretty faithful imagining of the character.

*By Asian version I of course mean that the main character should be played by Dev Patel. They already made a Japanese one, but for me it’s Dev Patel or GTFO as far as I’m concerned.


Rick and Morty

Pickle Rick is back and we finally have a release date for season 3 of Rick and Morty. If you’ve never seen the first 2 seasons then what have you been doing with yourself all this time? Watching Death Note on Netflix? I got news for you buddy, I know you’re lyin’. That shit ain’t even on Netflix yet. What’s that you say? You were watching the Anime version? Ok. I concede. Maybe you were, but the first 2 seasons of Rick and Morty are on there too so get your priorities straight mister!


Atomic Blonde

This looks good. Although I hope every punch, gunshot and saucepan to the face isn’t included in the trailer. Atomic Blonde is directed by David Leitch who’s also directing Deadpool 2. Hopefully this is as good as it looks and Deadpool is on the right track.


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. The Rock is in it so it’s bound to carry some weight. Then again, Baywatch looked like it should have made as much money as Jaws has teeth and it sunk at the box office. How’re these nautical puns working for ya? Look at me ma! I’ve made it! I’m a real movie critic! Anyway, this one actually took me by surprise. It’s a nice idea, and made me do a real LOL. A real one. A ‘RLOL’. 



ABC brings us more Marvel TV. Anyone who’s been watching Agents of SHEILD is familiar with the Inhumans. Now they have their own show. Kinda. These ones are from the moon, so it’s a bit different. Also they go to Hawaii. It’s like Lilo and Stitch with aliens in it. Wait… It’s basically Lilo and Stitch.

Bad Moms Go Apeshit at Christmas or Something

Remember that Santa Sack reference? Well it all lead to here. The Moms from Bad Moms have a Christmas sequel. I quite like a Christmas sequel, I’m more likely to rewatch something if it’s associated with a certain time of year. Maybe it’ll join my list of Christmas traditions that so far consist of Elf, Deck The Halls, Muppets Christmas Carol, Fred Claus, Bad Santa and The Night Before. I’ve not seen Bad Moms myself but I feel like I know what’s going on here. It’s like any Seth Rogen film except there’s less weed and less penis.

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