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Preview: ‘Rock Of Ages’ By Belfast Music & Drama Society – Waterfront Hall

August 29, 2017 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

We at Pastiebap love Rock Of Ages ever since seeing it on Broadway many years ago, so we’re super pumped about the version that BMDS are put on in the Waterfront Hall!  Check back later for our review, but for now here’s the low down and tickets are on sale right here. LETS GET ROCKED!!

BMDS & Director Jordan Walsh proudly take to the Waterfront Studio September 5th – 9th 2017. Rock of Ages is a hilariously written musical that sends its viewers back to the Majestic acid washed epicentre of the Sunset Strip mid to late 80’s; so hoke out that Ra-Ra skirt, back-comb that hair and dawn the ever stylish double -denim and leather jackets.

Belfast Music and Drama Society have been working insanely hard over the last number of months to kick you back in time to the era of Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll.

Rock of Ages – Lonny Barnett, who serves as the show’s narrator, sets up the story: In 1987, an aspiring rocker named Drew Boley works as a busboy in the Hollywood bar/club called the Bourbon Room, owned by Dennis Dupree and assisted by Lonny – He falls instantly for a girl, Sherrie Christian, who just arrived from Paola, Kansas, hoping to make it big in acting – Drew convinces Dennis to hire Sherrie as a waitress. A pair of German developers, Hertz Klinemann and his son Franz, persuade the city’s mayor to abandon the “sex, drugs and rock-n-roll” lifestyle of the Sunset Strip and introduce “clean living” into the area, much to the anger of the City Planner, Regina.

The story takes a turn when lead singer of the Infamous band Arsenal, Stacie Jaxx, throws a spanner into the works and takes Sherrie from Drew. During the performance, the performers frequently break the “fourth wall”, directly addressing the audience and seemingly forgetting (or perhaps reminding the audience) that they are actors in a musical. Despite the musical’s title.A huge collection of favourable rock songs are strewn amongst the scenes with an ensemble of over 20 cast members with amazing, dancing and singing capabilities – the viewers will be reliving the 80s in all of its glory.

Songs from the musical include: Cum on Feel the Noize, We Built This City, I want To know what Love is, Here I Go Again, Dont Stop Believin, Can’t Fight This Feeling and Many more that brings each of its characters to life.

Get those tickets ordered now!!

Rock Of Ages Belfast

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