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Preview: The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare (Abridged)

September 8, 2016 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

3 actors. 37 plays. 97 minutes? Impossible! Or is it……?

An irreverent, fast-paced romp through the Bard’s plays, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), is coming to Belfast! Join these madcap men in tights as they weave their wicked way through all of Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories and Tragedies in one wild ride that will leave you breathless and helpless with laughter.Opening at The MAC from Tuesday 13th September – Thursday 22nd September, The Complete Works… is an evening of comic fun bound together with quick paced clowning from three actors playing upwards of 20 parts each!

A frolicking farce by nature, the play is designed to be twisted and turned into a truly contemporary setting – this is where Bruiser come in. Notorious for their unique and innovative approach, Bruiser Theatre Company and their Artistic Director, Lisa May, are bringing Banquo to Belfast as Shakespeare gets a lesson in how till speak Norn Iron. So he will. Expect hilarious scenes of tomfoolery and buffoonery as three codpiece clad clowns blunder their way through all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays – will they make it? You’ll have to come and see to find out.

Artistic Director, Lisa May said:  “It’s such an exciting opportunity to bring this chaotic story to Belfast, and wonderful to be back home at The MAC. In the year when we’re all celebrating 400 years of ‘The Bard’, a chance to really connect with the comedy and calamity Shakespeare would have wanted on stage is a real treat. We’re working with a small cast of only three – they’ve got their work cut out for them – I’ll have them running across the stage like madmen. The result is a wonderful, bashful experience for the audience, some of whom might end up on stage themselves if they’re not careful…”

Written in 1987 by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield, The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare (Abridged) irreverently tells the tale of each iconic play, as a professor, his side kick, and a fool attempt to out-wit one another with their Shakespearean prowess. These three Shakespearean Musketeers are all locally grown talent with Keith Lynch, Gerard McCabe, and Michael Patrick all hailing from the province.

Bruiser Theatre Company are renowned for their fast-paced, energetic, and engaging performances. Their recent production of the slapstick The 39 Steps attracted five-star reviews, and sell out shows, with reviewers calling it “extraordinary”. Under the meticulous direction of Lisa May, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) is a Shakespearean success in the making.

Tickets are available from The MAC Box Office at www.themaclive.com or 028 9023 5053.

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