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Marvel Universe Live Belfast

Review: Marvel Universe Live! Certainly Rocked Our World!

January 14, 2017 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

Marvel Universe Live! literally exploded into the SSE Arena in Belfast with fireworks and (hopefully controlled) explosions this week.  A packed arena was witness to what was one of the most action-packed spectacles your ever likely to see outside of a Fast & Furious movie.  Every imaginable hero and villain from the Marvel universe was crammed into the 2 hour show from The Avengers to the X-Men, from Hydra to A.I.M. The story concerned the nefarious Loki trying to procure the Terreract so that he could enslave the humans, but of course his brother Thor was on hand to put paid to that.  Also on hand was over 30 Marvel characters both goodie and baddies.  The action was fast and furious as jeeps were blown up and motorbikes scaled every surface from ground to ceiling and Hench men fell off buildings. An entire sequence took place inside a (probably) life-size head of the statue of liberty while the Green Goblin flew around on his hoverboard thing as Spiderman hung upside down on the bottom. Basically, everywhere you looked was a stunt or a fire or an explosion or some form of madness. To sum it up this is Marvel meets wrestling meets theme park stunt show.  A brilliant show for the whole family and certainly an action-packed show that fires on all cylinders.

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