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Review – SINNEAD: One Night Only…For Two Nights

June 17, 2017 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

As a haphazard countdown looms large on the big screen and the lights go down, the crowd hush with a moistened anticipation as she appears in a glow of light and smoke.

SINNEAD has arrived and our lives will never be the same again.  What unfurls is a 1hr 45min trip into the musical, comedic, surreal and, somehow, magical world of Ireland’s No.1 (in her own mind) popstar.  Sinnead may have started life as a side act in the annual Pony Panto but tonight she’s upfront and central with Pony Dance stalwart Leonie Pony firmly at side stage as a dancer, and much like anyone else who gets in her way, off to the side is where she’ll stay.For tonight at least, and probably tomorrow night.

It soon becomes apparent that Sinnead might have put on a few pounds, the sort of weight that would last, oh I don’t know, say 9 months, not that she’s realised yet! Over the course of the night, Sinnead laments her many changes – high blood pressure, feeling tired, morning sickness etc, always followed up with a nonchalant “I don’t know why”.  Of course we know why, and after stories of how she was once a member of Destinys Child and taught Beyonce her signature moves, how she once was in the Eurovision, and we have a seance where her Granny appeared looking an awful lot like the Voice Bear, it all becomes clear that wee Deccy from Andytown mightn’t have had his swimmers under wraps as much as he thought a mere 7 months ago. Anyway, it ended up with us all agreeing to raise little baby ‘Belfast’ as our own, so I’m clearing out a nursery just now.

The night is a laugh-riot and my only complaint is that it could use a break in the middle to stop everyone having to drip out one-by-one for a wee after the 1-hour mark. The songs are funny, the dancing is surprisingly good and the band, headed by the incomparable Donal Scullion is spot on.  Major props to everyone involved for pulling it off, especially Paula O’Reilly who truly brings Sinnead to life – for better or worse!

SINNEAD is on until 17th June At The MAC and all the details are here.


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