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The MAC’s Artist in Residence Launches Ground-Breaking First Show

May 31, 2016 Laura Caldwell 0 Comments

Katie Richardson, The MAC’s Artist in Residence is bringing an exciting all-Ireland New Music and Theatre Fusion show, MURMUR to Belfast on 11th June.

Featuring up and coming new music acts such as Beauty Sleep, New PortalsÆ Mak and Katie’s own band, Goldie Fawn, the event showcases both live music and visual arts performances.

Katie explained, “MURMUR will be a unique event, featuring not only a hand-picked bunch of superb breakthrough new music acts, but so much more than that: I have brought together a range of other artists to create a visual and theatrical experience – not just a gig, but a real SHOW!


“One of the main focuses of my Residency has been to explore pushing the boundaries between music and theatre – to see how they relate to and influence one another. This is a whole new way of looking at music theatre – fusing live contemporary pop music with visual artistry and performance. Some people might compare it to being in the middle of a music video.

“The music will be performed “in the round”, with acts all on stage together, performing solo and collaborating. The show will feature live dance, film, photography and theatre, to bring the music to life visually. The effect will be captivating for the audience, and we’re hoping this will create a unique, almost immersive, show, which should be a lot of fun.

“MURMUR is a really exciting project. My funded residency at the MAC provides an unbelievable opportunity to be able to bring people together, develop relationships and mutual learning across artistic mediums and deliver projects like this. I am delighted to have the support of some of Ireland’s brightest new music talent on board – each band’s unique musical sound lends itself really well to this show. Expect a feel-good, dreamy and upbeat experience not to be missed!”

The show will premiere on Saturday 11th June, Downstairs at the MAC, 8pm. Tickets are £15/£12 and are on sale now here.



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