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Top 10 Picks for the Festival of Fools

April 18, 2016 Laura Caldwell 0 Comments

The Festival of Fools is a four day street theatre extravaganza which descends on Belfast over the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend – Friday 29th April – Monday 2nd May which sees both local and international acts perform incredible acrobatic feats, magic, puppetry, circus performances and comedy all across Belfast City Centre and the Cathedral Quarter.

There’s loads going on throughout the event, so click here to see the full schedule and to find out more information. To ensure you don’t miss a trick, check out our top 10 picks for the festival below.

1. Mimbre Bench [UK]Mimbre Bench Times

A woman sits and watches the world pass by…

Bench is an acrobatic performance about the everyday theatre and dance of life.

Loneliness and happiness, bag-ladies and runaway brides, spell-binding moments mixed with the comic and ordinary – a reflection on who we are and how we connect with others; viewed through the eyes of a woman who observes, makes friends, confronts or tries to ignore the people who pass… occasionally turning upside down to see if the world looks better from that angle.

2. Dado [Canada/Germany]

Dado TimesIn the classic clowning tradition of yesteryear, DADO is one of the craziest New Vaudevillians today.

A consummate props and physical comic, with a wonderful variety of slapstick comedy, audience connection and improvisational mayhem.

In this show DADO presents a hypnotic array of original props and physical comedy, mixed with an incredible assortment of unusual instruments of eccentricity.

3. Les Dudes [Canada]

Les Dudes TimesThe Festival of Fools is delighted to welcome this incredible acrobatic duo with a high energy, rock and roll beast of a circus street show.

Let’s Do This! brings us a finely tuned show fresh from a run of 300 shows in 25 countries.

You will be led into a realm where surprise is to be expected and where the impossible is delivered time after time.

Puppets will perform acrobatics, a 5 year old will be somersaulted through the air propelled by our 2 heroes. Coming at you live and direct from the home of superlative circus skills, you will never believe in gravity again once you have seen this spectacular show.

4. The Slampampers [Netherlands]

The Slampampers TimesWe’ve all heard stories about crazed jazz musicians and how one look can change you forever!

Now is your chance to check what really happens when you see three of the craziest men of jazz putting on the jive and pushing themselves to the limits in the name of musical comedy.

Take one drum kit, a saxophone and double bass and just add 3 exuberant musicians to create a unique feel-good musicomedy show.

So why not Pamper yourself with a Slamtastic show.

5. Ola Muchin [Poland]

What happens when puppetry meets magic?  Ola Muchin Times

The answer is: World Renowned Master Magician Osvaldo Drevno.

With the help of a glamourous assistant dressed only in feathers – on account of being a chicken – the Great Osvaldo performs acts of prestidigitation (that’s magic tricks to me and you) so fantastical that even he doesn’t know how he does them.

An act so full of mystery that even he doesn’t know what will happen next.  Illusion, puppetry and comedy collide in this charming gem of a show.

6. Kamikaze Fireflies [USA]
Kamikaze Fireflies

The Kamikaze Fireflies come storming out of Los Angeles with a fast paced blend of skills, jokes and idiocy that screams out for attention and demands your laughter.

With four Guinness World Records to their name, the Fireflies only agreed to come to the Festival because they thought they would be able to get free Guinness all weekend – maybe you can help them realise this lofty ambition.

This pair of curious comedic characters will whip the audience into a frenzy.  No, seriously, they are very good with a whip, so make sure you go into a frenzy or they turn nasty!

7. Bambolina and Dodo [UK]

Bambolina and Dodo TimesWhen the clock strikes twelve, magic begins and a doll comes to life…

Inspired, amongst others, by the myth of Pygmalion and the tales of E.T.A. Hoffmann, this is a poetic pantomime that blends circus, theatre and puppetry.

It tells the impossible love story of a mechanical doll called Bambolina and its maker, Dodo.

It is a beguiling silent show that speaks to everyone.

8. Dansko Gida [Kash Republik]

Dankso Gida TimesHaving evaded immigration control for another year, Dansko is back for another instalment in Belfast’s longest love affair with a man from the Kash Republik.

There may be ducks to kiss, luck dragons to ride and possibly even the occasional encounter with a pair of pliers.  In truth there is only one thing certain with Dansko Gida – that you will experience a show like no other and that you may even start laughing inexplicably and uncontrollably.



BOOM TimesBOOM! breathes new life into the ancient tradition of masked theatre, full of spontaneous improvisations with the public, heart-touching drama, impossible skills and hilarious moments of sheer humanity.

Peter Sweet and David Poznanter portray a cast of 6 characters who put on an entire circus, complete with slackrope, Cyr Wheel, juggling and live music.

This new show has got audiences buzzing in three continents due to its audacious skill and comic wizardry.

10. Sorin Sirkus [Finland]

Sorin Sirkus Times

Sorin Sirkus started out in 1985 to deliver circus training for children and young people in Tampere, Finland.

Since then they have established a reputation for creating high quality professional level circus.  Their show will be full of young talent, energy, acrobatics, aerial accomplishments and sensational skipping.

These young artists have performed all around Finland over the last 5 years, but this is their first time in Northern Ireland and their first time on the streets!

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