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Review: Belfast Food Tour – Meet The Brewers

July 5, 2016 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

Having been on ,and enjoyed, the Belfast Food Tour a few times I was very excited to finally get a chance to try out one of their more drink-centric tours, namely the “Meet The brewers Tour”. Lucky for me then that my 2 sons decided it a fitting present for me this Father’s Day.  My Dad and my brother’s sons had similar ideas so last Wednesday we hopped on a mini-bus with our guide Phil and headed out towards Lisburn.


Our first stop was Hilden Brewery and there we were greeted by owner and brewer Seamus who gave us a history lesson on the brewery, a tour, some science about how brewing works and of course some beers!  This was a great intro and I have to say the nibbles and beers set us up nicely for our next wee trip to East Belfast and the crowd-funded co-op brewery – Boundry.  Boundry’s a more modern affair and much smaller.  Their beers are also very different and there seems to be a lot of experimentation going on.  Here we enjoyed learning all about the brewery and it’s founder, tried some funky beers before hopping aboard the mini-bus to our last stop.  Brewbot is a pub, brewery and a technology centre, so it seems.  Starting off as a technology-heavy homebrew system (complete with App) that ensures a perfect brew, they quickly branched out – opening a bar that also serves as their brew house and development centre.  If it all sounds very contemporary and hip that’s because it really is, and incredibly unique.  We get shown one of these wonderous machines and given a history lesson and a Q&A with one of the founders.  To round things off we settle down with a few unique beers, including a Game Of Thrones inspired one, and some massive boards of meats, cheese, olives and beer bread (of course).

A great night out and a trip for anyone who enjoys a beer or two, food, science and app-controlled robot breweries!

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