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Review: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee At ‘Lost & Found’ In Coleraine

June 20, 2017 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

An easy way to describe Lost & Found in Coleraine is to say “it’s a hipster’s paradise”, but that’s just lazy journalism and as much as we love lazy journalism we’d rather be accurate.

So, another way is to say that it’s a comfortable, stylish and homely coffee house – it has an aesthetic that is very popular, but theirs feels actually authentic.  They’re doing it right and the feeling is palpable. There’s exposed wood and metal-legged chairs, the front windows let in a lot of light and give the place a very naturalistic feel.  The staff are incredibly welcoming and help me decide what coffee I’ll be having by asking me some questions before recommending a brew.

Then, it’s out with timers and scales and thermometers and long bendy metal hot water pots.  A selection of mismatched glass wear comes with the Americano style coffee I’ve selected, and I have to say that the coffee is next level. Like Established Coffee next level coffee.  I believe this is the only time in Ireland that I have had coffee that is anywhere near what they are doing in Established, so I guess there’s a lot to be said for all that science kit that went into making this cup of coffee.   I’m sorry I didn’t take a note of the name of this coffee, but I have been in a few times over the last year and had an array of their coffees and each one offers something different and each one is prepared just so. They used to give you a wee card detailing all the coffee info but I haven’t had any on recent trips.

I also had breakfast this time and it was just as good, with coarse toasted artisan bread and perfectly cooked soft poached eggs. A simple dish but prepared with excellent ingredients and when that yolk hit that bread it all worked together; the textures and flavours pretty much impeccable. A display in just how far doing something well, no matter how simple, can be so beautiful.

Needless to say, I was impressed by Lost & Found and am happy to say that subsequent visits have not let me down.  I have included photos from a few trips below (but based this review on my latest visit). If you’re on the north coast and fancy a fantastic coffee and some wicked food, get yourself round to Lost & Found.

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