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Rising Sun Sushi

Sushi Making Classes – Rising Sun

February 15, 2013 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

I’ve recently been enjoying a bit more sushi than normal, due to those wee boxes that you see around shops in Belfast and nearer to home. So when I saw the chance to have a go at making sushi I thought this would be a great way to spend an evening. So we made our way to a wee unit in Carrickfergus and were warmly greeted by our chef and instructor for the evening, Jonny (not the Japanese gentleman we had been expecting at all, but a rather Caucasian gentlemen). I pushed my prejudices to the side (lol) because he sure looked like he knew what he was doing and having tasted his sushi before, it definitely tasted like he knew what he was doing too.

Rising Sun Sushi

Jonny quickly went over a wee bit of history about sushi and then about himself and how he learned and then finally about how his business got started. Quickly enough we were down to business, learning how to prepare rice, prepare ingredients and what equipment we’d need. We each had a wee work station with all the necessary stuff and sure enough, as always happens at any gathering in Norn Iron – the banter was flowing. For a group of people I’d never met before we sure were getting on like we had. So we all beavered way for 2 hours and at the end came out with aplatter of Sushi, California rolls, Nagiri, cone rolls with all sorts of different fillings from tuna to veg to spiced mackerel, prawns, sweet potato, Asian slaw, the list went on. So at the end we all left with a massive platter (over 36 pieces), a booklet with all the info so we could do it at home and a certificate of completion.

I’m not saying that I’m a sushi maker (yet) but after that I certainly am a master of eating sushi.

All prices for both classes and platters can be found on the Rising Sun’s website. Some info on their Facebook too.

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