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Yelp One Day Wing Fest Profile: Hotplate Noshery

September 5, 2016 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

In the final week before the big Yelp One Day Wing Fest we’re going to be covering not 1, not 2 but 3 of the remaining vendors from Saturday’s big event. Click the links for Vandal, Bubbacue and Buskers then check out the skinny on winner of Yelp’s Wing-Off  – The Hotplate Noshery!

Summary: The wings are crispy coated and of a drier texture, they crunch and flake apart as you bite into them. They come drenched in a really unique deep red hot sauce.  It’s hot and flavoursome and fills a puddle in the bottom of the bowl in case the wings aren’t covered enough for you, you can dip them as you go along for added heat. There’s an acidic, peppery taste at the start that eventually leaves you with a piquant flavour.

Flavour notes:  Hot, Peppery, Piquant, Firey

Drink accompaniment: Home-made Lemonade

Portion size: 12

Price: £6.00

Wing Type: 1 piece

Uniqueness: Puddles of deep red original hot sauce.  Dip or don’t – it’s up to you!

REMEMBER – If you’d like to go to the One Day Wing Fest then head over to Yelp’s official site and apply for free tickets!

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