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Yelp One Day Wing Fest Wing Profile: Bubbacue

August 26, 2016 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

Not so much a review, but more a breakdown of the wings that you can expect at the Yelp One Day Wing Fest where there will be a lot of vendors vying for your eye.  Here I give a wee profile so you can make an informed choice.  previously we did the hosts VANDAL, this time, it’s southern style BUBBACUE

Summary: Served with a blue cheese dip, these wings come plastered in a bright orange sauce.  It’s a buffalo sauce with tremendous flavour and a tanginess that leaves you smacking your lips and reaching for that home-made Ice-Tea!  They retain the crispiness even through the sauce, and the meat is super-tender.  Also available  in a Chipotle and BBQ sauce, but I choose buffalo because it’s the DADDY!.

Flavour notes:   buffalo, Spicy, tangy, crispy, skin on, vinegary

Drink accompaniment: Homemade Ice Tea/ Bubbabrew beer

Portion size: 10

Price: £4.00

Wing Type: 1 piece

Uniqueness: A tang like no other, lip smacking.  These make a bag of Haribo Tangfastic look like a joke!


REMEMBER – If you’d like to go to the One Day Wing Fest then head over to Yelp’s official site and apply for free tickets!

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