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#NewOnNetflix – 16th March – Pick of the week

March 16, 2016 Paul Caldwell 0 Comments

This week we have 2 honorable mentions before our pick of the week. We’ve got a Marvel blockbuster, a modern Disney Classic and a Netflix Original. What are they? What’s our pick of the week? Read on why don’t ya?

Atlantis The Lost Empire – This one didn’t seem to get much love when it came out, I guess because it didn’t have the instant appeal like the Lion King or Beauty and the Beast but its a good watch none the less and has quite the following. Incidentally if Milo’s voice sounds familiar that’s because it’s Marty McFly himself.

The Characters – This one seems like it could be hit or miss seeing as each episode features a different comedian but this trailer had me laughing so I reckon I’ll be checking it out

Netflix is proud to present a wildly inventive and wholly original comedy experience with The Characters! Each episode of this groundbreaking series features one of the best and brightest comedians today performing a wide array of hilarious characters. What was once reserved for sketch festivals and comedy clubs can now be enjoyed in your living room. The Characters features Kate Berlant, Dr. Brown, Paul Downs, John Early, Lauren Lapkus, Tim Robinson, Natasha Rothwell, and Henry Zebrowski as you’ve never seen them before and never will again.

Pick of the Week – Captain America The Winter Soldier –  This one’s a no brainer for pick of the week. Not only is it one of Marvel’s best and unconventional superhero movies but it’s good to have a little recap before Captain America Civil War comes out in May. It’s one of my favorite films so it’s pretty handy to have it added to the Netflix roster.

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