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PWU Update: New Show ‘Origins’ Announced, Takedown TV Show Online and HARDCORE WAR!

July 8, 2015 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

Pro-Wrestling Ulster have been keeping busy recently, firstly current PWU Champ Al Snow’s return to Super Show 8 has been announced as a participant in HARDCORE WAR! The Murder will take on Magico, Luther Valentine and Al Snow in a 3 on 3 no holds barred brawl that will leave the Europa Hotel a shell of what it once was. Tickets here

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Also announced recently was a new monthly show at the Devenish Complex ‘ORIGIN WRESTLING’ I’m presuming this will be put on every 2 months in between supershows and the first show features the ‘Best Friends Club’ defending their Tag Team Titles.  I think we should see some good wrestling at these shows, with an emphasis on more local talent and at a slightly cheaper price tag of £7.

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Finally we have a new PWU Takedown to watch on youtube, a slightly shorter show at under 10 minutes, but sure that means you can watch it on your lunch break!  This episode features an All Ulster Triple threat match from Super Show 4 where Champion B Corr puts up his Belt against Former Champion Karl McKaigue and Magico.

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