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Bee Mick See is still Single

February 13, 2013 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

BeMickSee is still single the poor lamb. But at least he has a new video and song off his “Birds over Nupes” EP to help him find a girl. He’s not in this just for the buck mind, he’s looking for commitment this time. The song was produced by 

BeeMickSee and Rocky O’Reilly and recorded in Start Together Studios, this is as home grown as it gets but fit nicely into the adage of “don’t support it just because it’s local, support it because it’s good”. Brendy seems to be well on his way to producing a video for every song of this EP (just as he threatened in our previous interview) and I have to say they keep looking better and better. This one is directed by Tristan Crowe and a damn fine job he’s done too. Even roping in a couple of Milleys to perform home-made dance routines. Production values are going up and I always find myself having a chuckle at some point. I have this stuck in my head for the rest of the day and if you click play below so will you. But in a good way…

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