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BeeMickSee – I’m not like you

October 27, 2011 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

I remember being at a Roysta gig in the Pavilion and he had Mental Deficiency as support. But before either of these bands took to the “stage”, what looked for all the world like a wee spide grabbed the mic and made his way to the front. As his music kicked in and he began spitting rhyme after rhyme of coherent, witty and often insightful raps it became apparent that this guy actually knew what he was doing. Spending the majority of his set on the floor with the crowd he certainly warmed the people for the upcoming acts and earned himself a few new fans in the process. I couldn’t believe that I’d never heard of this guy before. Since then I’ve seen him all over the place. He’s a part of the awesome Bomb City 7 who seemed to play just about every festival going during the summer. Also recently he had his single launch recently at Boojum on Chichester street. Having the ingenious idea of giving a free single with every Burrito. Here’s a wee video of what rap in a burrito bar looks like by the way.

That single was the ridiculously catchy “I’m not like you”. With crunchy guitars and a sing-a-long chorus this is definitely one you could stick on at a house party or see yourself shouting along to at a gig. I suggest for now though you check out his stuff for yourself (which is a free download) on Bandcamp. Between BeeMickSee, Bomb City 7, Team Fresh and Roysta there’s a decent enough wee scene for Norn Irish rap, I guess you just need to know where too look.




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