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Cavalcade Festival

Cavalcade: A Brand New Festival Hits The NI Music Scene

July 10, 2017 Laura Caldwell 0 Comments

It’s not every day that a new festival hits the NI music scene, and after the death of Pigstock and Glasgowbury, it’s nice to finally have some good festival news to share with you guys!

Now, it’s not a weekend-long, outdoor binge-fest like the aforementioned festivals, but it does involve the best parts of a festival, without having to stand about in a drizzly field all day so put away your tents and hop in the car en route to Cavalcade, a day-long festival being held on 22nd July in Omagh’s INF Hall.

Run by Henry Hughes, of HenCav Events in Omagh, Cavalcade will feature nine unsigned bands over the course of nine hours, with on-site food provided by Philly’s Phinest.Founder Henry Hughes said of the festival:

The festival title comes from the original name which I ran gigs under, “Henry’s Cavalcade of Musical Awesomeness”, which I changed to HenCav Events as I started to run more and more events. The Cavalcade logo and poster are designed specifically to create an eighties fantasy cartoon vibe (think He-Man), bringing forward themes of nostalgia, inclusivity, and freedom.

Tickets cost £15 each and can be purchased at the door, however, if you want to reserve your ticket to ensure entry on the big day, you can contact cavalcade.hencav@gmail.com with your name (payment isn’t required until the day.

Lineup times are as follows:

1600hrs – Doors open at 4 SHARP

1630hrs – Floyd – Omagh

1715hrs – Cherym – Derry

1800hrs – S.L.T. – Derry

1845hrs – Judas Wolves – Omagh

1930hrs – OneLung – Omagh

2030hrs – Alpha Twin – Belfast

2130hrs – Lost Avenue – Derry

2230hrs – Part Time Pilots – Omagh

2345hrs – Mosmo Strange – Omagh

Cavalcade Festival

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