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New Music: Parapa Palace – Myopic/Visions

August 27, 2015 Laura Caldwell 1 Comment

Remember back in April when we reviewed the latest release by County Down ‘jangly rock and roll’ quartet Parapa Palace? Well they’ve got something new for you in the form of their new double A single Myopic/Visions and we think you’re going to like it.

Back with their signature edgy sound, the first track Myopic brings to the table everything that we love about this band. That moody, almost lazy style of singing, backed up by melodic guitar and chugging drums; whilst Visions kicks things up a gear with a slightly harsher sound and that great solo at the end.

After hearing the latest tracks from Parapa Palace the message is clear that these guys know what they’re doing and they’re dedicated to doing it well. They have edge, charm and a sound that is refreshingly different in terms of the music ‘scene’ here today. This is definitely a band that we’d love to catch live.

You can listen to and download the singles here, and as soon as they are up on SoundCloud we’ll stick them up here for you all to listen to!

Myopic / Visions

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