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#NIMusic Tune for the Weekend: Rebekah Fitch – Stroke of Genius

June 24, 2016 Laura Caldwell 0 Comments

Belfast local Rebekah Fitch is an up and coming alternative pop singer-songwriter who is sometimes based in Belfast, and sometimes in Durham where she’s quite rightly studying music at University. Having started writing songs at the tender age of 16, Fitch was busking by 17 (sure look at Biebs now) and is now in the process of recording a series of original songs which we’re very very excited about.

Stroke of Genius is Fitch’s debut single, but to be honest, you wouldn’t know it. Polished, punchy and with plenty of fire, this Belfast girl sure can sing! With her stunning voice, catchy vocals and a toe-tapping rhythm, this is an earworm if ever we heard one. Fitch has as much power and strength as Jessie J, if you’re looking for a similar local act, I’d have to say that what we have here is a younger, poppier Amanda St John.

The version that you can hear above isn’t the final product, and we assure you that the final article is even better than the demo! If you like what you hear you can attend Fitch’s single launch at The Sunflower on 28th June, with support from Sam Wickens.

Set to be released next week on 27th June, you can pre-order Stroke of Genius by clicking this link, or keep up to date with Rebekah Fitch by visiting her website here, following her on Facebook here or Twitter here.

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