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Single Review: Not Myself – Rebekah Fitch

October 10, 2017 Amy Pollock 0 Comments

Not Myself is the new single by acclaimed Belfast singer-songwriter Rebekah Fitch, due to be released on 27th October.

Combining the artistry of Florence and the Machine, the thought-provoking lyric writing of Stevie Nicks, and the wonder and curiosity of Bjork; Rebekah Fitch is already in a league of her own. Not just in the Northern Irish music scene – but the UK in terms of freshness, originality and breaking the streak of generic pop that we have become so mindlessly numb to.

Rebekah Fitch

Tackling and questioning deep-rooted issues such as mental illness and social insecurity, Not Myself explores the disorientation of being lost in the abyss of a broken mind, as Rebekah illustrates in the chorus: “I am not myself, can’t understand what’s happening to me; Only sleep can pull me out, I live in dreams and memories”.

Whilst the song originally comes from a dark place, the elements used to create it are not particularly slow in pace or heavily focused on typical melancholy traits. Instead, it is buzzing with electronic experimentation and slight distortion to give a sense of confusion to mirror the meaning of the song; yet is defined by delicate piano and lingering, pulsing drums to keep in tone with the song’s sensitive premise.

Vocally, Not Myself impressively boasts Rebekah’s range, it beckons interesting improvisation during live performances and affirms that her gigs will be something special to witness in the future.

The single will be launched with her first full-band gig on 25th October in McHugh’s, Belfast, with support from LARKS and Reevah.

Rebekah Fitch

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