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Octogeek – Blade Runner 2049, War for the Planet of the Apes, Spider-Man, Fast and Furious

December 21, 2016 Paul Caldwell 0 Comments

Did you miss us? Things are getting busier in the days leading up to Christmas so apologies for the Octogeek’s truancy last week. This week on the other hand, we’ve got this weeks news and trailers and anything we missed from last week.

Lego Batman Movie

More Batman, more Lego. It’s all good. This one can’t come quick enough.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

We finally get a look at Spidey in his own film as well as Micheal Keaton’s vulture. Watch out Peter! That train knows your secret identity!

Fast and Furious 8

How did we get here? Fast and Furious 8. Well, I’ll explain it to you in this handy equation. (Fast 5 + 2 Fast  + 2 Furious) – (Fast and Furious 6 – Furious 7) = Fast and Furious 8.  1,3 and 4 don’t count because they didn’t have the sense to put numbers in them. What spoils all this and calls into question my faith in math is teh fact that the new one is now officially ‘The Fate of the Furious’.

War for the Planet of the Apes

I’ll never tire of seeing apes on horses. NEVER! So it’s good news that this new Apes film is even more “Apes on Horses’ier than the last.

Patriots Day

This one tells the story of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Mark Wahlberg may be the right choice but looking at him in uniform, I can’t help but get that image of him as a traffic cop in The Other Guys out of my head.

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick was so good that it redefined the word Wick and to a lesser extent, John. Hopefully the sequell will redefine the words Chapter 2.

Blade Runner 2

They’re calling this one Blade Runner 2049. I’ve not seen the other 2048 so I’ve some catching up to do. Get it? I’ll leave now.

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