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Octogeek – Dark Crystal, Venom, Spider-Man

May 25, 2017 Paul Caldwell 0 Comments

Octogeek is back once again with the ill behaviour. As well as being back with the ill behaviour, I’m also back with a rundown of the top 3 biggest things happening in the world of geek, as long as they don’t include Doctor Who.

The Dark Crystal: The Resistance

Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, The Dark Crystal was released in 1982 to some disappointment. It has a cult status amongst fans but it just didn’t make bank. Thirty Five years later Netflix is on prequel duties to see if they can make a better go at it.

The original film featured horrible little elf things as our lovable main characters and a laborious storyline involving bird and hippo people trying to find a magic crystal. It’s got great puppetry and animatronics but as a piece of entertainment it’s not something i’d recommend.

The prospect of someone coming in to make a prequel for Netflix though? I’m behind that 100%. All the original needed was a decent story, some faster pacing and a likeable protagonist. Keep all the costumes and puppets, just write a script that doesn’t fit on the back of a napkin.



Some big news on the long awaited Venom movie that no one really thought would happen. Professional maniac and master of odd accent choices, Tom Hardy has been cast as the titular anti-hero. Spider-Man’s nemesis has had many characters under it’s alien skin but Tom will be portraying the original Eddie Brock iteration. There’s no Spider-Man in this one though so expect director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) to be able to go a little darker than the version we saw Spider-Man 3.

Sony have a couple more Spider-Man spin-off films on the cards too with a Silver Sable/Black Cat move coming eventually. Venom though is scheduled for sometime in 2018.

Art Credit: https://danluvisiart.artstation.com/


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Speaking of Spider-Man, Sony/Marvel released this new trailer for Spider-Man: Home Coming. I hear its got some great stuff in it with all the webslinging and stuff and stuff. I’ve decided to avoid trailers for films I know I’m going to see, beyond the first one. So I cant tell you much more about it than that. Check it out though. I’m not judging you. Really. I promise.


This week’s bonus item is a competition regarding this genuine poster for Pirates of the Caribbean 5.
Answers on the back of a postcard please as well as the question because I can’t even think of one.



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