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Octogeek – Detroit, Super Mario, Happy Death Day

June 21, 2017 Paul Caldwell 0 Comments

Wubaluba dub dub! This week’s top three features 3 trailers for stuff you might wanna watch and or play in the near future. If you’re here for Rick and Morty news then you’ll be disappointed as there is none. the best I can offer you is this link to a review of some rather poor Rick and Morty action features. 

Happy Death Day

If you’re looking for a Ground Hog Day horror movie (it kind of is a horror already though) then look no further. HDD is an interesting take on the genre and it even features a creepy baby mask. I thought they’d eventually run out of unsettling identity concealers but those folks over at wherever horror movies are made, still keep coming up with new ones.


Katherine Bigelow can always be counted on to make a solid movie that’ll tickle the folks over at the Academy. Detroit looks like a thought provoking and well made film. It also looks like a terrifying, uncomfortable and utterly draining viewing experience. The kind of film that I know will be good, I probably should watch, but will always end up watching ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back’ instead.

Super Mario Odyssey

After all that grimness, I leave you with Nintendo’s new Mario game, coming October, for the switch. It looks truly bizarre as usual, complete with it’s own song to explain just what’s going on. Well done Nintendo, madness is your currency and you spend it like a Kardashian.

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