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Octogeek – Rogue One, Doctor Strange, Nick Cage with a sword

October 19, 2016 Paul Caldwell 0 Comments

Super quick Octogeek this week as I’m currently not even in the country! It’s all written before I leave you see! Maybe some super big news came out at the weekend and it’s not even in here. Maybe I’ll not care because I’m an octopus sitting on a beach in Spain with a cocktail. Maybe you’ll not even notice that I changed my hair. You never notice things like that anymore. Not like you used to. What happened to us?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has another trailer. I know this because it has a number 2 beside it. On December 16th they release the super long trailer we’ve all been waiting for. It has lots of spoilers in it though and they make you pay for it. You cant even see it on the Octogeek.


Doctor Strange

New footage from the Doc with the clock (smock? frock? ham hock?). This time it’s an international trailer. This means it’s only available to those who live internationally. Strange (as in odd not as in Doctor), considering that the film deals with other dimensions and such. Maybe it’s the trailer that Doctor Strange isn’t allowed to see.


Army of One

Here’s a film that’s coming  from the director of Borat starring Nicolas Cage. For some reason its coming to home video and not cinemas. Read the synopsis and tell me you do not want to see this movie. Ok so Russell Brand is in it but so is Paul Scheer.

Gary Faulkner (Cage) is an ex-con, unemployed handyman, and modern day Don Quixote who receives a vision from God (Brand) telling him to capture Osama Bin Laden. Armed with only a single sword purchased from a home-shopping network, Gary travels to Pakistan to complete his mission. While on his quest, Gary encounters old friends back home in Colorado, the new friends he makes in Pakistan, the enemies he makes at the CIA – and even God and Osama themselves. Wendi McLendon-CoveyRainn Wilson, and Paul Scheer also star in this hilarious tale of patriotism and one man’s quest for justice.


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

With all those trailers released last week, this one slipped under the radar. Maybe it’s because I get Resident Evil and Underworld mixed up all the time even though they’re nothing alike. Anyway here’s the trailer.

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