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Octogeek – San Diego Comic Con, News and 10+ Trailers

July 27, 2016 Paul Caldwell 0 Comments

Comic Con has come and gone but luckily The OctoGeek is here to give you the skinny on what went down. We have a tonne of trailers and other stuff so it’s probably best that we get on with it starting with those Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers…..

Power Rangers

We didn’t get a trailer for Power Rangers but we did get a better look at the gals and dudes in their costumes.

Power Rangers

NES Classic Edition

Nintendo is on a roll, Pokemon go is a major hit and while they may not be taking the largest of cuts of the profits they do however have something else up their sleeve. The NES Classic. It’s just like a NES only much smaller and it comes pre-loaded with 30 games. There’s no cartage slot so i’m afraid that’s it but for £50 in the UK that’s not a bad price especially when you consider the prestige of some of the games. Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3. Donkey Kong, Ghosts and Goblins, Metroid, Kirby’s Adventure, Castlevania 1 and 2, The Legend of Zelda 1 and 2. It looks like a handy wee box to travel with too. Check out the video below and for the complete lowdown and list of games included click here.

Captain Marvel

Brie Larson is our new Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel. She’ll be fronting Marvel’s first female led MCU movie.

Carol_Danvers_captain marvel

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The SDCC folk (some of them) were treated to a new trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming. That’s not online yet so we’ll have to make do with this sweet concept art featuring Micheal Keaton’s Vulture.

spiderman vulture

Guardian’s of the Galaxy: Volume 2

*Spoiler alert*. Don’t read on if you don’t want to read about a spoiler, that’s what spoiler alert means. I’m guessing it’s not intended to be the best kept secret in the GOTG2 as they’ve let the whole of comic con know. Kurt Russell is playing Star Lord’s dad Ego. Ego is a sentient planet so I’m guessing we get to see Ego before his days as The Living Planet.

Thor Ragnarok

The folks at the con were treated to a mockumentary explaining where Thor and Banner were during the Civil War. IO9 were there to see it as well as some behind the scenes footage featuring a very familiar costume worn by the Hulk.

“From there, they played actual behind the scenes footage from Thor: Raganrok: Besides the costumes and props, we saw concept art of Jeff Goldblum sitting next to Loki ; Chris Hemsworth with short hair and warpaint, looking very Braveheart; and finally, Thor and Hulk (in his armor) running at each other in a stadium. Yup, just like Planet Hulk.”

Planet Hulk

Wonder Woman

We’ve finally got a trailer for Wonder Woman to wash that bad taste out of our mouths left by Batman v Superman.

Kong: Skull Island

Jackson, Goodman, Hiddleston and a giant Gorilla. It’s Kong Island.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Guy Ritchie is back and this time it’s all swords and soldiers.


Justice League

There is no way Khal Drogo would be called Arthur Curry in any universe. Conan, yes. Arthur, no. Unless it’s King Arthur bit Charlie Hunman already has that down.


Some say he’s a real life super hero. some say he’s just a man. Just a man. Either way Oliver Stone’s new movie was at comicon.

The Lego Batman Movie

There are no words. This looks like every thing we hoped it would be.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange

More strange happenings from the Marvel camp. Strange as in Doctor Strange not strange as in Tilda Swinton with a bald cap. Well, that too I guess.


Keeping with the Benedict Cumberbatch theme here’s a trailer for the long awaited Sherlock Season 4.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4

A ghostly teaser of things to come. MAoS want’s you to stick around for the ride. #puns


Fox/Marvel’s Legion is set in the world of the X-Men about a bi-polar mutant. It looks very promising. Take a look.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Finn Jones is Danny Rand in our first of 3 Netflix  Marvel trailers.

Marvel’s Luke Cage

Luke is kickin’ ass and taking names. I’m pumped for this one. So is Luke.

Marvel’s Defenders

Just a little tease for The Defenders but a nicely put together one.

Star Wars

Finally, Star Wars. This is isn’t from Comicon but is still from the Star Wars Celebration 2016.

Since the mixed reviews of battlefront (many believing that it didn’t quite have enough content for the price tag, even after the free DLC) there’s been a thirst for something else to play within the Star Wars Universe. Even if you loved Battlefront, maybe you’re looking for an action-adventure game now, rather than a shooter. At the Star Wars Celebration 2016 there was finally some information about Visceral’s new game in the making. Creative Director Amy Henning spoke about the tone of the game saying that it was important to get the tone right.

‘It’s what my writing partner Todd [Stashwick] calls breezy urgency. It’s the idea that there’s sort of a swash-buckling charm to the thing. There’s humor and buoyancy but at the same time there’s stakes and jeopardy.

star-wars-visceral-2The reason [we’re collaborating with Lucasfilm so closely is] we’re writing an original Star Wars story with new characters, locations, tech, creatures, you name it. All of it has to sit authentically alongside the stuff people know now.

Amy also spoke about how important an ensemble cast is to the action-adventure genre and Star Wars in general.

star-wars-visceral-3Think about Star Wars Rebels, that tradition continues now. Think about Rogue One, it’s the same thing, and the same thing is true of our game. Part of our deconstruction is to figure out how we enable that in the story and honor it in the gameplay as well. It’s not a lone-wolf story because that’s not Star Wars. Your characters have to be a coordinated ensemble acting in the moment and in parallel. If you think about the film and the Death Star, they only escape because everybody does their part in parallel.

star-wars-visceral-1_0The end goal is by the time the player has finished playing they feel like they really did play a Star Wars film. So I’ve done the same thing for Star Wars. What does that mean? It’s getting the structure right. It means you have to understand where the act breaks fall, where all the obstacles and reversals fall, and the set-pieces. [You need to know] what are all the component parts that make up a Star Wars story.

It looks like they’re only getting started so it’ll be a long wait but at least it sounds like they’re going in the right direction.


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