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PastieBap.com was started in response to the rising amount of great stuff that is happening in Northern Ireland. When we say stuff, we mean everything entertaining, including (but not exclusive to) theatre, dance, music, restaurants, pubs, festivals and art. The name came about whilst out having a drink with a good friend (like most good ideas often do), and the concept came about soon after whilst sobering up. This is pretty much a family run website and is dedicated as a resource and testament to all of those things that we never had when growing up in NI.

Meet the team

Chris Caldwell

Co-Founder & Editor

Sir Christopher J Caldwell. I enjoy wrestling, films and nautical adventure. I’ve just finished making a short film which you can see here. I also DJ sometimes. You’ll see me out and about eating or drinking. Sometimes even both whilst walking. I have written for The Big List and BBC’s Across The Line. chris (at) pastiebap (dot) com

Laura Caldwell

Co-Founder & Editor

I’m 22 years old and I’ve just finished studying Journalism with Photo-Imaging at the University of Ulster. I have an undying love for Belfast and all that Northern Ireland has to offer, an undying love for sleeping, Tegan and Sara, trashy tv shows, foreign snack-foods and being irresponsible with money. I also quite like origami, reading, jazz, hip-hop, dubstep, anything acoustic and Food Network TV. I’ve written for The Big List, Culture NI, Chatterbox, The Echo, and BBC’s Across the Line. laura (at) pastiebap (dot) com

Paul Caldwell

Graphic Designer & Octogeek

I’m Paul Caldwell, former paid graphic designer, current unpaid comic blogger. I run my own comic website over at TheSkeletonBlog.com and design graphics for these guys in return for pizza. I also write the occasional review and maintain the Octogeek.

Neil Carey

I’m Neil Carey, a photographer and artist from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a deep love of nature and through my work I try to capture how it encroaches on our lives both in the countryside and in the city. I love the surreal and unusual and this other side of me can be seen through my digital art work and manipulations. To see more of my work click here.

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