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Death Do Us Part Danger Show

Death Do Us Part Danger Show Returns To Belfast

July 24, 2017 Laura Caldwell 0 Comments

It’s that time of year again where the unimitatable Death Do Us Part Danger Show returns to Belfast’s Cabaret Supper Club on the 3rd August for a night of danger, wonder and very skimpy costumes! If you’ve been before, then don’t worry, the gang has loads of exciting new stuff in-store. Wife and husband duo Rachel and Charlie Atlas will be joined once again by Jacqueline Furey, and a crazy guy from Australia called Captain Ruin to top it all off. 

Sexy, thrilling, and extremely entertaining, the Death Do Us Part Danger Show is a show unlike any other. It’s like the best circus and vaudeville performance you’ve ever seen, performed in an intimate venue, with all of the tongue-in-cheek humour you could ask for. 

The Death Do Us Part Danger Show is a thrilling, sexy cabaret show like no other! Featuring knife-throwing, sword-swallowing, fire-eating, roller-skating, escapology, burlesque, magic and lots of adult humour, danger really never looked so good!

They feature acts that are a unique fusion of traditional circus, sideshow, burlesque and magic presented with a modern rock n’roll edge. They are famous throughout the world for their viral videos and their ability to do things you definitely shouldn’t try at home!

Featuring Charlie and Rachel Atlas, the husband and wife daredevil duo, and all the way from Australia the amazonian sideshow goddess Jacqueline Furey, known as the Human Heatwave. They will also be joined all the way from Melbourne by world-class circus superstar, Australia’s answer to Harry Houdini, the master of mayhem that is Captain Ruin! Together they have created a truly unique spectacle, this is a cast who will have you biting your nails, falling in love, stamping your feet and yelling for more…

One of the best nights out you could ever have, don’t believe us? Check out our previous reviews here and here. Oh, and in true cabaret style, you even get your dinner too! To find out more information, or to book tickets, click here.

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