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#NIMusic Tune For The Weekend: Rebekah Fitch – Here We Go

August 26, 2016 Laura Caldwell 0 Comments

Belfast singer/songwriter Rebekah Fitch has been having a great year so far. After releasing her debut single Stroke of Genius in June, the young singer is back with her second release Here We Go, which is out today!

After receiving airplay from Ralph McLean on BBC Radio Ulster, on Blast 106 and Dublin’s FM104, Here We Go retains every single piece of sass and attitude that the singer’s debut singer had, with a slightly more mature edge.

      Here We Go - Rebekah Fitch

Originally titled “She Tries to Smile”, hinting at a struggle beneath first appearances. This was later changed to “Here We Go”, better emphasising the difficulty of falling into repeated patterns of failure, broken promises to oneself and a lack of self-control. The song’s message, initially about the pressures of being thin and losing weight, is also relevant to many other situations that people might try to break free from, even more serious struggles and addictions.

If you like what you hear, you can k eep up to date with Rebekah Fitch on SoundCloud, Facebook or her website.

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