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All You Need To Know About Christmas and New Year 2017 in Belfast

December 20, 2017 Laura Caldwell 0 Comments

It’s nearly that time of year again, and as Christmas day approaches it’s time to wrap those presents, get the turkey on and relax with a few mulled wines, so to keep you on track this week, here is all the information you need to know ahead of the festive period.

When are the shops open and closed in Belfast?


In Belfast City Centre, the shop opening times look like this:


  • Monday 18 – Friday 22 Dec: 9am – 10pm
  • Saturday 23 Dec: 9am – 7pm
  • Christmas Eve Sunday 24 Dec: 1pm – 6pm
  • Christmas Day Monday 25 Dec: Closed
  • Boxing Day Tuesday 26 Dec: 9am – 6pm (Boxing Day Sales)
  • Wednesday 27 Dec: 9am – 6pm
  • Thursday 28 Dec: 9am – 9pm
  • Friday 29 Dec: 9am – 6pm
  • Saturday 30 Dec: 9am – 6pm
  • New Year’s Eve Sunday 31 Dec: 1pm – 6pm


  • New Year’s Day Monday 1 Jan: 1pm – 5pm
  • Tuesday 2 – Wednesday 3 Jan: 9am – 6pm
  • Thursday 4 Jan: 9am – 9pm

When are the markets open and closed in Belfast?


The Continental Market at City Hall will close on Christmas Eve at 6pm, while St George’s Market opening times look like this:

  • Saturday (25 November – 23 December): 9am – 5pm
  • Sunday (26 November – 17 December): 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday 24 December (Christmas Eve): 8am – 2pm
  • Monday 25 December (Christmas Day): Closed
  • Friday 29 December: 6am – 3pm
  • Saturday 30 December: 9am – 3pm
  • Sunday 31 December: 10am – 2pm

When can I buy drink over the festive period?

16741_cathedral_quarterYou would think that we are all well used to Northern Ireland’s ‘interesting’ licensing laws by now, but for the who don’t have the rules and regulations memorised, here are the times that you can buy booze over the coming weeks.

  • Christmas Eve Sunday 24th Dec 2017
    12.30pm to 10.00pm (with half an hour drinking up time)
  • Christmas Day Monday 25th Dec 2017
    12.30pm to 10.00pm (with half an hour drinking up time)
  • Boxing Day Tuesday 27th Dec 2017
    11.30am to 11.00pm (with half an hour drinking up time)
  • New Years Eve Sunday 31st Dec 2017
    12.30pm to 11.00pm (with half an hour drinking up time)
  • New Years Day Monday 1st Jan 2018
    11.30am to 11.00pm (with half an hour drinking up time)

When can I get public transport over the holidays?

EnterpriseTrain.1473162627-750-375Whether you’re going home for the holidays, or just trying to escape from your in-laws after you’ve been there for a few hours, click here to see the NI Railways timetables for the various train services over the festive period, or check below for a brief overview.

  • Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 2017
    Normal Service with early evening close
  • Christmas Day Monday 25th December 2017
    No Service
  • Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 2017
    No Service
  • 27, 28, 29, 30 December 2017
    Saturday Service
  • 31 December
    Normal Service with early evening close
  • New Year’s Day 1 January 2018
    Limited Service
    A limited Enterprise Service will operate on New Year’s Day
    1305, 1605 from Belfast Central
    1200, 1600 from Dublin Connolly
 If buses are more your style, then you can check out the Metro timetable by clicking here.


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