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Life After ‘Serial’? New Podcast Reveals What’s Been Going On Since

April 9, 2015 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

Serial is still the fastest growing podcast in history, the true breakout star of a medium that has been threatening the world for what seems like ages, to be something more than it has been so far.  However, the story of Serial is far from over.  In fact, appeals are ongoing and Adnan’s future is very much up in the air. Sorry, but If none of this makes sense (where have you been for the last year??!??) just go and listen to the ‘Serial‘ it will grip your life for the whole 12 episodes but in a good way.  Anyway, word comes via Rabia Chaudry that they are continuing the story in the medium that made the case famous, so that people can keep upto date with how everything is going post-serial.


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