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Preview: 2015 Belfast Comedy Festival

September 1, 2015 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

Belfast Comedy Festival 2015 is coming, whether you like it or not. From Wed 23rd Sept to Sun 4th Oct the festival previously (or is still? I’m not quite sure) known as Belly Laughs is back with a jam packed, and seemingly ever growing, line-up.

There’s homegrown talent like Paul Currie with his new show fffffffffmilk! and Nuala McKeever with Nuala McKeever Is Winging It. Big names come in the form of Ardal O’Hanlon, who’ve i’ve always enjoyed live, and Daniel Sloss (who you’ll know off the telly).  There’s a few more political, or shall we say ‘culture based’, acts (this is Norn Iron after all) from Neil Dougan with The funny thing about being a prod and Tim McGarry with Tim McGarry’s Political Party.

Paul Currie

For me though my pick is the terrifying looking Red Bastard.  This is a comedy show that genuinely looks a bit scary to go to.  I don’t mind uncomfortable comedy, in fact I have particularly enjoyed a few of Paul Curries more squeaky bum moments, but this is a show that is set up with that being a goal. That’s Red Bastard in the top photo up there, leering, judging, terrifying. *shudder*

There’s more being added all the time so keep your eyes peeled on their website for more info!


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