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EP Review: Rebekah Wilson- Reprieve

April 21, 2015 Laura Caldwell 0 Comments

At 17 years old, Rebekah Wilson has accomplished more than most of us do in a lifetime. A self-taught and classically trained pianist, guitarist and vocalist, the Belfast singer/songwriter has already shared a stage with Go Wolf, Not Squares, Travis Is A Tourist and The Emerald Armada, not to mention making appearances on Blast 106 and Queen’s Radio.

As if that wasn’t accomplishment enough, Wilson is now releasing her debut EP Reprieve on the 25th April after recording three tracks with Mojo Fury’s Michael Mormecha and James Lyttle at Milbank Studios in Lisburn.

The debut single Nothing (Me & You) was released in February and is a great introduction to what Wilson is all about. With a melodic start, the 17 year old’s soulful voice kicks in over crisp drums and gentle guitar, making this a track that reminds you of long summer evenings and first loves. Every now and again her Northern Irish accent slips through, adding to the authentic and ethereal quality of the song. This is definitely the kind of tune that you’d hear on a TV show montage about lost love; it’s a mature, sentimental and poignant introduction to this exciting artist.

The eponymous Reprieve is a much more sombre experience, with some very nice guitar work and simmering cymbals throughout. Again, there are no complicated musical arrangements or post-production tricks being played to disguise lack of talent here, because luckily Wilson has that in spades. Her immense vocal gift and lyrical ability is way behind her years, as is her musical talent.

To wind down this debut EP, the piano-fuelled Imagine takes us on an impactful journey, with thumping drums and haunting harmonies guiding us along. Throughout this entire EP, you find yourself having to be reminded that this is a 17 year old pouring her heart out and not a much older, more experienced artist.

Rebekah Wilson is destined for something big, and this is a fantastic introduction to her music – soft, sentimental and full of potential, Reprieve would be a triumph for any musician, regardless of age.

Reprieve is out on 25th April, for more information follow Rebekah Wilson’s SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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