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EP Review: The Crossfire Hurricanes – Romancing Revolution

November 25, 2016 Neil Carey 0 Comments

The Crossfires have been busy lately, releasing a couple of singles earlier this year, with tracks getting played on BBC Radio and big support gigs with the likes of The Coronas, not to mention the gigs in Dublin, London and Belfast. So what better way to round a great year with an EP launch.

The title track – Romancing Revolution – kicks things off in psych rock style, a lazy lead quivers over plucked noises becoming more coherent and driven as the bass line joins in. It’s clear to see at this early stage of the EP, that the band has expanded their sonic palette. You can hear the psyched out vibe of early Verve (check out A Storm in Heaven). Once the drums kick in ( Niall adding some really nice fills) the style moves into a heavier form, McGreevy’s lyrics scream ‘I’m the only man that can hold back the thunder!’ and it’s as if that thunder is coming from the band. It’s a song that spits venom at the current state of the world we find ourselves in and a call to change it, a line of riot police adorn the EP’s cover as if trying to hold back the Crossfires Juggernaut, good luck with that boys!

Morning After Showdown begins with the riff that will drive the song throughout, a fuzzy riff that’s instantly catchy, rolling drums bring in the drive with some neat lead accompanying.  The first verse spells out exactly what is happening, it’s been a hard night of drink and drugs fuelled partying and the sun’s already up, but there’s trouble brewing, ‘Note stuck to the refrigerator, Fuck you, I’ll call you later’, that’s a line to behold right there, says it all.  It’s all in here, in steadfast rock fashion, broken clocks, hooker’s numbers, cocaine and alcohol. The riff continues to drive the song slowly building the tension that compliments the lyrical content well.  But then two and a half minutes in the song takes a turn into a more melancholic breakdown, resembling that point in the morning when it dawns on you, that party is over.  It’s more considered resembling late sixties rock like The Doors, there are a rolling bass lines and staccato guitars all mixed up in a smoky haze before that familiar riff kicks it all off again.

The last track on the EP, Faith and Feeling has been doing the rounds on the live circuit with the band now for a while. This song shows the ability of the band to slickly moves across genres without sounding clunky. There’s a strong blues backbone, superb guitar solo, and even guest piano licks from one of the best in the country Johnny McCullough.

This is a band flexing its creative muscles right now, after some member changes (Pol Mead joined as lead guitarist last year) they have really gelled, the future looks good for these lads, and don’t just take my word for it, they are having an EP release night on December 11th (Sunday) with lots of great local support. Get down to Aether and Echo and join the Revolution!

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