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Pigstock & Glasgowbury – Local Festivalling at it’s best

May 25, 2012 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

So with the sun shining and temperatures reaching as high as 20 Celsius, for the music lover this can bring to mind only one thing – festival season is upon us!

Duke Special

See that picture above? The one with a terrified looking Duke Special? That’s me (fairly drunk) at Glasgowbury 2010. Look how much fun I’m having scaring this poor man. you too could have that much fun. Just read on…


Over the last 13 years I have been to festivals of all kinds, in different countries and of all shapes and sizes – Leeds weekender, Download, Sonisphere, Oxegen, Forfay, Novarock, Electric Bay to name a few. I actually met my wife at a festival 13 years ago, so they’ll always hold a special place for me. I have been to at least one festival every year for the last 10 years and wouldn’t consider a summer complete without one. So I would consider my self somewhat of an experienced festivaller (is that a word?) They’re a great time to get away for a few days, immerse yourself in music and have a laugh with your mates. This year I’m pretty skint, so with that in mind I’m forgoing attending a major fest and instead keeping it local, I know I’ll spend no-where near the amount of money on the 2 weekends at the smaller festivals that I’d spend on the one big festival. So..I thought I’d write a few of my thoughts on festivals of all sizes and then preview the 2 I’ll be attending this year.

Having been to a festival with 100,000 people and one with a few hundred, I wanted to put a few points across for going local, to the smaller fest that’s crammed with local talent.


A big reason is money, there’s a recession on and people are wanting more bang for their buck. For example Pigstock festival is £35 for the weekend and that includes camping, so for £35 you get 2 days and nights of non-stop music, accommodation and night time cinema/shenanigans.Usually about £70 would do you for booze and food, so you can see for about £100, it’s a cheap enough way to spend a weekend. On the other hand a ticket to Download festival will set you back £200 plus plane fare and spends when you’re there. I’ve never come back from a major festival without spending at least £250 and that was purely on food and booze. At the end of the day you’re not walking away with change from £500.


Local Talent

Supporting and discovering local talent is a great reason to go as well. This country is crammed with talent, and while international acts are all well and good, it’s always good to check out what’s on you doorstep. The smaller festivals tend to be top to toe local entertainment and as such are a great time to check them out and possibly find your self a new favourite band.


The Undercard


Always look at the under card, we know that the big boys are on the main stage, but when theres not a band on you like go and check out a band you’ve never seen before. It’s all too easy to plonk yourself in front of the main stage near the bar and just check out the “mainstream” acts, and if there’s band on you love – by all means do exactly that, but when there’s not, take a wander and see other bands, it’s a great opportunity to see band’s that you normally wouldn’t. Perhaps bands that you wouldn’t listen to at home but make for a great live show, or even some local talent that don’t usually play near you. I’ve discovered loads of bands that are now in my CD collection this way – Mental Def, Triggerman, General Fiasco, 2 Door cinema club, ASIWYFA. Also before you go to the fest perhaps give a few bands a listen, that way you will know earlier if they’re something you might like.

This year Pastie Bap will be going to 2 festivals – Pigstock and Glasgowbury. We’ve been to both of these before many times and love them both dearly, like our own special sons, so here’s a wee preview of both. We’ll be reporting back after the events too!




The big Daddy of Norn Irish fests – it may only be 1 day and 1 night, but what a day and night it always is. Statistically the last weekend in July is NI’s hottest and that’s when Glasgowbury is held, so chances are you’re in for a fine weekend weather wise. Put that together with 4 stages at the foot of the Sperrins, some drink and a tent to sleep it all off in and you can see why this is such a good time. This is the biggest of the local fests, so the “Small but Massive” motto that they boast is entirely apt.


I’ve been to Glasgowbury 4 times now and it keeps getting bigger and better, they added a comedy tent last year that went down a storm, they have excellent food vendors and awesome extras like drum circles, (the now infamous) sign making and guys from the circus school bouncing around.


The early bird camping ticket will set you back £40 and it’s money well spent.

Therapy? are headlining this year and there’s always more acts being announced.

The Japanese Popstars / Fighting With Wire / LaFaro / Axis Of / RunawayGO / Best Boy Grip / Soak / Pocket Billiards / Sons Of Caliber / The Wonder Villains / Farriers / Marc O’Reilly / Amidships / Silhouette / Paddy Nash & The Happy Enchiladas / VerseChorusVerse / Pretty Child Backfire / Our Krypton Son / Kowalski / Enemies / Katie & The Carnival / The Man Whom / Droids / Master & Dog / Tied To Machines / The Dead Presidents / Tucan / The 1930s / The Jepettos / Scorpion Jack / Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters / John Deery & The Heads / Humanshield / Mojo Gogo / Intermission / 4 Conors /Psycatron / Deep Fried Funk / Boxcutter presents The Host / Space Dimension Controller /Ryan Vail.



If Glasgowbury is the big daddy, then this is the naughty school boy of NI festivals. With a leaning more towards rock music but with something for everyone Pigstock is a weekend of loud music and good times. Improving every year and forming from humble beginnings, Pigstock expanded last year to 2 nights and a much batter layout.


It has 3 stages of music, a spoken word tent, late night cinema, an on site bar and of course the famous hog roast that it’s named after, that truly has to be tasted to believe. It’s a very family friendly festival with separate campsite away from the rowdys with its own noise curfew. It’s held in a field in the middle of nowhere, well Killinchy to be more precise.



A weekend ticket with Camping will cost you £35 (and possibly your soul)

Headlined by MOJO FURY and Fighting with Wire with supporting cast from

Jogging/ More Than Conquerors/ Colly Strings/ Jamie Neish/ Not Squares/ Rarely Seen Above Ground/ Kowalski/ Tieranniesaur/ Ryan Vail/ Team Horse/ Chris Campbell/

Mojo Fury/ Mmoths/ Squarehead/ Pocket Billiards/ In Case Of Fire/Silhouette/ Run Away Go/ Farriers/ Eatenbybears/ In Elegance/ Not Squares/ Rarely Seen Above Ground/ Kowalski/ Tieranniesaur/ Ryan Vail/ Team Horse/ Chris Campbell


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