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PastieStats: Our Biggest Ever Month! Thank You!

June 6, 2015 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

We here at PastieBap like to try and be transparent, much like Mr Cellophane. So in recognition of having our biggest ever month we thought we’d share our stats and reveal a bit about why this means so much to us.

PastieBap is an enterprise of love, sure we’d like to make money off it one day, but for now, much like the last 3.5 years we’ve been doing this because we just really like doing it (we all have full time jobs, families and responsibilities in the real world). All writers, photographers etc work for free and often pay to see the events, food etc that we review, along with time and travel. Along the way we set ourselves little goals and considering about 3 months ago we only had 4,000 pageviews a month (pageviews are the amount of times that the site is seen), it seemed like a huge ask to grow to our next goal – 6,000.

But that’s just what we’ve gone and done! Today as we check the stats we have 6,403 for the month! As the lads would say YEEEEEOOOOOO!  So we just wanted to say a big thank you for reading, sharing and coming back. We know most sites don’t give out info like this but we heard you guys were cool to share stuff with so we thought what the heck?  Here’s our full monthly stats for those interested – nearly 4k users, 600 page views on our best day and 56 on our worst (it was a Saturday and we generally don’t post on a Saturday – writers need time off too you know.)

Pastie Stats

But Chris, there has to be a reason you’re telling us all this? Well, yeah, another consequence of this is that we said once we reach 6k page views we’d try and expand the site – to that end we’re opening up opportunities to advertise on the site, or sponsor the site. Basically we want to get some money together so we can advertise ourselves, perhaps in the Belfast Film Festival brochure or to sponsor a festival ourselves and show the site off to a wider audience. So if you’re interested in advertising with us, send an email to PastieBap1@outlook.com and we’ll send you out details of what’s on offer.  Thanks once again for reading and we look forward to posting more like this!


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