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Octogeek – Rememory, Death of Stalin, The Gifted

August 16, 2017 Paul Caldwell 0 Comments

Before we get started on this week’s top three there’s a couple of business  to take care of. Firstly Danny Craig is back as Bond for one more time, David Tennant is back on board as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones Season 2, there’s a Nosferatu remake coming from the team behind The Witch and lastly it’s been a bad week for stunts. Tom Cruise has put the latest Mission Impossible on hold due to a stunt gone wrong and sadly Deadpool 2 is on hold indefinitely because of the death of stunt woman SJ Harris on set. The cast and crew of the film have been posting messages of condolence.


It’s good to see Peter Dinklage in anything but this thriller looks fun despite the fact that I appears to be some sort of dark advert for Google. It goes without saying that it’s nice to see Peter playing someone who isn’t defined by their size. Panto and sci-fi monsters are no longer all little people can hope for.

An amateur sleuth steals a machine that can extract, record and play the memories of another person. He uses the device to try and solve the mysterious death of the man who invented it. 


Death of Stalin

The cast in this one is pretty solid as is the premise. Anything set in Soviet Russia will always hold my interest, especially if it’s a comedy.

The Death of Stalin is a Franco-British satirical period comedy-drama film directed by Armando Iannucci which chronicles the events that transpired after the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953. 


The Gifted

After such grand success with Legion, Fox is back with The Gifted. This looks like something that should have happened long ago and it’s nice to have another show existing X-Men universe, despite the disappointment of Age of Apocalypse.

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