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Tech: Windows 10 – Are You Ready?

July 21, 2015 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

I’m stupidly excited that Windows 10 will be hitting PC’s/Laptops/Tablets etc next Wednesday (29th July) and with it being offered as Microsoft’s first free update of an OS, and quite possibly the last proper iteration (it’s all just updates from here on in), expectations are high. So the marketing machine has started and with it the first ads, and they’ve only went and wheeled out the babies!

I love the kid with his face smooshed against the glass – go check him out at 30 secs into the video.

But anyway onto the task at hand! Getting you ready for windows 10. Firstly you need to check you’re getting the upgrade, so to get your PC ready you just click the wee windows sign that has appeared on your taskbar, you should see this if you’re on Win7/8/8.1 as these are all available for free upgrade:

Win10It then takes you through the process of checking your machine is compatible and reserving your copy of Windows ten for upgrade.  With that done you should be ready to upgrade as soon as your update is ready next week!






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