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WWE Live Results From Belfast 10 Nov 2015 – Main Event: Kevin Owens Vs Dean Ambrose

November 11, 2015 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

A solid show from WWE with a hyped crowd and some added production and story lines had this feeling more like PPV quality than the usual house show vibe these Belfast shows can sometimes have.

  • Flair comes out for the intros 
  • Prime Time Players (elim 1st) vs Dudleyz (elim 2nd) vs The New Day – Tag Champs (win)

Afterwards one of The New Day went thru a table

  • Video shows of Tyler Breeze and Summer trash talking Dolph Ziggler
  • Zack Ryder (w) vs Miz
  • Shamus (w) vs Cesaro –  Shamus cuts a funny promo calling Befast the 10th best city in Ireland and talking up Dublin.  Finishes off Cesaro with the brogue kick
  • Divas Champion Match –  Paige vs Foxy vs Charlotte(w)- Charlotte wins to retain the title
  • Big Show  vs Kane (w). Kane defeats Big Show in a street fight. Big show is hobbling the whole match. Gets put through a table. 

Refs pretended to pin Big Show while he’s down, Show jumps up and chases them off. Funniest spot of the night.

  • Bo Dallas vs Curtis Axel (w) in a 1 minute match.
  • Bo Dallas vs R-Truth (w). Bo challenges anyone else to come out, Truth obliges, Bo challenges him to a dance off and then attacks Truth from behind. Truth still gets the win. Curtis Axel comes out and does some awful dancing too.
  • Tyler Breeze with Summer Rae vs Dolph Ziggler (w). Summer gets sent to the back fro attacking Dolph with her shoe.
  • Dean Ambrose (w) vs Kevin Owens for IC Championship. KO gets DQ for using chair. After match Dolph runs in to save Ambrose form the chair shots, Shamus runs in, Cesaro runs in, New Day runs in. Dudleyz run in, finishing moves galore before  Owens runs to the back with with title. Ambrose punches him back to the ring. 

Looking lively for the Dudleyz #WWEBelfast

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