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Daveit Ferris Battlefield Ghost

Weekend Listening – Battlefield Ghost By Daveit Ferris

January 19, 2018 Chris Caldwell 0 Comments

Kicking off our new ‘Weekend Listening’ recommendation is this slice of powerful pop punk rock from Daveit Ferris. We’ve featured Daveit before because, quite frankly, his stuff is shit hot and this is no exception. If you like this be sure to check out his site where he made 365 songs in a year – that’s right, 1 song a day!  You can also check out his store here.

 ‘Battlefield Ghost’ is a standalone single written and recorded by multi-genre musician Daveit Ferris – it was released on the 10th January 2018. The song documents the horrors of war. Lines like ‘die like a hero with blood on your clothes / we’ll drape a flag so that everyone knows that you’re just another victim  / another battlefield ghost’ really serve to drive the point home. The song juxtaposes sincere downtrodden lyrics to an anthemic upbeat musical soundtrack.


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